2015 Rice Project

for Tet (Lunar New Year)


Children’s Library International is collecting donations to help buy rice bags for the poor villagers in Vietnam for Tet, one of the most important and celebrated holiday of the year.

There are a large amount of villagers who are currently living in extreme poverty and we would like to lend a hand and help some of these villagers. We hope you can assist us in our mission.

How the Rice Project Works:

You donate—CLI buys rice bags—CLI delivers the rice bags to the poor villagers in VN

Your donation is tax-deductible. You can donate to our project by clicking “Donate” button below 

Or contact any of the below for cash and check donations:

Jack Nguyen (Milwaukee): 414.839.8904

Tien Hoang (Milwaukee): 414.840.3613

Kaitlyn Tu (Chicago): 312.563.3057

Chan Vu (Michigan): 414.795.8488


Thank You for Your Generosity and Thank You for Helping Make This Project a Success.

Your donation will make a big difference and will help make this “Tet” a great one for many poor villagers.