Libraries and Learning Centers

This is the central objective around which all else turns–to build library facilities and completely furnished, staff, and stock them -with books   and computer capabilities. Each library is a flagship in the district of the province it serves, with small satellite library outlets and facilities to be built new or outfitted in existing structures and institutions These are LIBRARY AND LEARNING CENTER SYSTEMS to be built inch-by-inch, step by step, but only with your help.

Our libraries are a symbol of hope for our extended families. Our libraries provide a quiet place for our children to sit and read. Children are also able to check out books and bring books home to read. At first we were afraid we will not see the check-out books again but by far, the children have done marvelous jobs at returning the books. Our children value books and treat them with the tender loving care they deserve. A good education is crucial to the development and growth of a poor and undeveloped country.

Development of usages of the Libraries as Learning Centers beyond the traditional book repository is the most significant part of our work. Our libraries act as a learning center that provides seminars, vocational training courses, and ESL and health courses. Our libraries also serve as a meeting place for our communities.

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