Health Development

Early Childhood Development Children’s Library International works to help families and communities to provide better nutrition, education and healthcare for children during their critical early years. Our education programs use child-friendly, community-based approaches to maximize learning opportunities for disadvantaged children.

Hunger Many poor parts of Asia have many starving children and adults. Children’s Library International’s programs help provide rice, nutrition, and vitamins to some of the poor areas.

Dental Hygiene Proper dental hygiene is a good first step to a lifetime of better health yet many poor Asian cities do not have access to proper dental hygiene which includes visits to the dentists, toothbrushes, and toothpastes. Children’s Library International understand the importance of maintaining a healthy practice of brushing your teeth and flossing that we supplied free toothbrushes and toothpastes to the most needed areas.

Medical Equipment and Supplies There are a need of medical equipment and supplies in Asia. Children’s Library International helps deliver medical equipment and supplies yearly to many cities in Asia.

Health Fair Children’s Library International hosts health fair in the USA to help educate people the importance of health, educate the public of the health resources that are available to them, and to showcase the important topics the public need to know about health.