Tran Thi Bich Khoi

Born in Quy Nhon, Vietnam in 1976, Khoi has been, despite being small in stature, big in success. She tried to leave Vietnam at the age of 10, with other “boat people” in 1986 when her dad took her out to the Ship’s Captain on Quy Nhon’s shore. Rejected due to her physical size by fellow passengers who feared she would die or get some other people killed on the perilous trip to Malaysia, she resigned herself to learn English and make her own way, her brother leaving Vietnam on that same boat the next night. It took a bit longer for her to get to America. She graduated from Duy Tam University, Da Nang with a Degree in English and Accounting in 2001. She worked at Barbara’s Hotel & Restaurant, a Western oriented establishment, the only one of its kind at that time in Quy Nhon 2002 to 2007. She later worked for KCP Company of India, then a Belgium NGO. Using her English language all along the way she met Chuck to do Translation in Bong Son December, 2011. She concluded her “Vietnam side” working career with the Provincial Binh Dinh Department of Planning & Investment (DPI) leaving there to marry Chuck in 2015. Khoi continued to work with DPI until 2016 before moving to the USA—she and Chuck are now happily married, living together in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She made it to America 30 years after her first attempt!