Ross W. Worley

Ross is CEO of Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc, having served in the US Army for 36 years retiring as a Sergeant in Major Special Forces. His company does business in over 40 countries around the world. He and his wife, Joniel, are far and away the greatest contributor to and sponsor of Children’s Library International. He along with Charles Engelken and his late partner Orval Engelken’s family founded the Library of Laos Project funding a major Library there along with sponsorship of many libraries, projects and programs across Southeast Asia. He and his company are the epitome of corporate and personal generosity and the central driving force of Children’s Library International. He has made many trips to Southeast Asia at his own expense and funded numerous others. The Wall-Ties & Forms Inc. motto is “Building a Better World.” They do that not only through their business in construction of homes and schools in poor countries worldwide but also by philanthropic humanitarian support of untold projects, programs and individual lives abroad and at home in Kansas City.