Jack Nguyen

Born and raised in Vietnam, studied and working in USA, I have a blessing of experiencing life in both countries. I have learned to appreciate all things in my life and practice ways to cultivate compassion seed in me.

Buddhism has helped me greatly in transforming the person that I am today. It has taught me the true meaning of “compassion and loving kindness”. Its Noble Eightfold Path has guided me to be a better citizen; I’ve learned to give more, help more, respect more, in hope of bringing joy and happiness to others. When seeing other people happy, I felt much lighter and felt I have accomplish something good.

When I heard first learn about Children’s Library International, I joined the team without hesitation because of the organization’s methodology and ways of getting things accomplished. CLI has developed a great plan of building something that will last a lifetime for many generations.

CLI is a bridge that connects people from different paths of life together but all share 1 simple goal which is to help the less fortunate. We live in the most blessed and fortunate society where resources are abundant. The things we take for granted are the things people in poor areas would jump for joy and have the greatest smile just to receive those things.

There are so many poor and less fortunate people everywhere. One person cannot help everyone. Working as a team will make a stronger and lasting impact on the people that need help. This is why I have been with CLI many years because I know with CLI and its team will continue to help change many lives.