I. Building Sites

The local officials and/or donors know what is needed and where. They advise us as to a selection of one or more possible locations. The land is then provided by the local government.

 II. Building Design:

The building design is the one developed for the original site in Viet Nam. It has been successfully completed within budget capabilities. Among its features are placement of the library on the second floor as a protection against loss due to flooding, a disability access ramp, a distinctive roof design, and a meeting room on the first floor, fans, computer rooms, and a balcony outdoor reading area. All materials will be generally consistent with the materials list used on the Pho Thuan, Duc Pho District, Viet Nam project.

III. Maintenance:

The community and school provide for the regular administration, maintenance, utilities, and security for the library.

IV. Inventory of Titles, Computer Capacities, Maps, Charts and other Accouterments:

We will provide a base stock of books as set forth in an initial stocking list. This list is compiled upon recommendation of local ongoing plan for soliciting additional titles, upgrading and expanding of computer capabilities, and adding to the store of maps and periodicals. Periodic contributions to the general library inventory will be to the extent possible given continuing fundraising and book drive efforts.

V. We always come back

CLI will always come back to visit our built libraries and communities. CLI does inspections at least once a year to make sure our facilities are in good conditions and to make sure the local governments are in compliance with our agreements.