Children’s Library International is an umbrella of Library of Vietnam. Library of Vietnam Project and Library of Laos Project, not for profit organization, was founded by F.J.Chuck Theusch – a veteran of Vietnam War. The LOVP accepts donations from the public to build libraries. These donations include shelves, furniture, a basic stock of books, and computers in the basic project. As a non profit organization, donations are necessary because the cost of each children’s library is $35,000. The local People’s Committees and officials donate the land and site preparation to include unexploded mines and bomb clearance where necessary. From the day of dedication, the opening of the library, the security, operation, and maintenance are paid for by the Vietnamese people.

The standard library design is key to our concept. It features a distinctive roof line, handicapped access ramps, outdoor balcony with an open study, meeting and assembly area on the first floor. Books and computers are on the second floor to avoid potential flooding in the monsoon season.

The distinctive look is unique and provides an architectural signature to our libraries. When you encounter the Library at Quang Ngai, at Quang Tri (or at any other site as we continue to build throughout Vietnam) you know that you are in the cooperative, friendly presence of the Amecian Library of Vietnam Project. This recognition is essential to our charity the larger vision of reconciliation, cooperation and peace.

Together with the Vietnamese people and you, we hope to build libraries throughout Vietnam, creating a vibrant system of book exchanges, computer hardware and software, educational programs – on land mine and unexplored bomb safety awareness, medical and legal education, career days in medicine, and countless other fields. We also maintain and enhance the holdings and services of each library, and provide operational support for the librarians, local schools, community and goverment officials engaged with us in this international endeavor. This is an ambitious project. To make this charitable fund happen we rely on our steadfast “It’s a Wonderful Life” appreciation of people. We need everybody in every capacity, every life touches many other lives! We are Americans and Vietnamese working together as a family team to realize the greatest potential of this charitable fund for us all.